When being in a community, some responsibilities you can have in a community are things like making sure that everybody in the community is participating and that they are doing the job or activity that was assigned to them. A couple of advantages of being in a community is that you can make new friends and help your city or other communities. A couple of disadvantages of being in a community is that you may not be able to attend all of the gatherings and miss important information, and you also may work to hard and not have enough time to spend time with family. The value of being in a community is that you can feel good about helping your friends, family, and city.

Medieval Story

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It was only 2:00 AM when the war started. Our enemies were coming from every direction. I, Sir Lancelot, took on each soldier without a problem. Until that is, when I came face to face with there strongest warrior. We fought for several hours, but neither of us never laid a hand on one another.

What happens next? You can finish the story yourself!


Rules to a Copyright

The video was interesting because it has parts from Disney’s movies to describe the rules to a copyright. A positive about the video was that it provided good information. A negative about the video is that it was a little hard to understand.


From the video, I learned that the kid’s teacher switched the name tags on the pictures. The kids did not like how someone else was taking credit for there work and the picture didn’t provide attribution. You need to have a licenses to copy pictures. This is how you show attribution for someone’s work.




They come in all shapes, colors and sizes

They could also make great prizes

If you step on them, they could hurt your foot

Lets just hope they don’t give you athletes foot

You can make make many displays

But they can’t be the head of plays


How to Write an Effective Comment.

To make an effective comment, you must be specific when you comment. Another thing you must do is to have a short comment, but NOT something like “Great comment!” You can also add factual information. Finally, you must proofread your comment for spelling errors and capitalization errors. Happy blogging!

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